Business value is enhanced by growing profitability and proving that a company has a reasonable and reliable financial value historically, currently, and for the future! Consequently our approach is to work with you to identify key areas for building sales and profitability.

Sales Advisory Services

We have experience working with both corporate and entrepreneurial publishers. We work with management teams in larger corporations and with entrepreneurs who have grown their companies over a lifetime.

Exit Strategies and Transition Planning

Planning an exit strategy or sale well in advance will allow you to focus on developing every aspect of your business for maximum value. You will understand the key drivers of value for purchasers.

The Offering

We will structure your offering so that qualified buyers know the justifications for the purchase price and the future value of your business. The Fisher Company guides and protects the seller through the sales transaction process.

Asset Purchases

In nearly every independent publishing company transaction the sale is accomplished through an Asset Purchase Agreement, rather than a stock sale. While there are significant tax advantages to the buyer in this form of transaction, it also means that the valuation for the seller is higher as well.

Acquisition Advisory Services

Working with you to determine your acquisition criteria and target categories, we research and evaluate acquisition candidates on your behalf. When a match is found, we negotiate, help direct due diligence, and direct closing activities.

Limited Asset Sales . . . or Purchases

There are times when a business may determine that it is appropriate to purchase or sell only specific assets. The Fisher Company has experience in divesting titles and imprints as well as subsidiary businesses.