Strategic Consulting

Publishing Development

Editorial & Content Development
Intellectual Property Review
Editorial Planning and Strategies
Acquisition Funnel
Print, Digital, and Ebook Strategies

Key Sourcing
Book Printing
Electronic Content Delivery
Metadata Distribution
Warehousing & Fulfillment

Business Development
Strategic Growth through Acquisitions
Foreign Business Development
Subsidiary Rights

Sales & Marketing

Sales Development
Sales Staffing Plan
Channel & Territory Analysis
Sales Forecasting & Budgets
Foreign and Domestic Sales Development

Planning and Strategies
B2B and B2C
Direct and Electronic Marketing
Category Analysis

Pricing, Discounts, and Margin Analysis
Title and Series P & Ls
Pricing, Discounts, Margin Analysis
Channel discounts, coop, and fees
Margin analysis by product line and channel

Publishing Operations

Inventory Management
Project costing
Vendor reviews and scale pricing
Inventory reserve analysis
Inventory Aging Model

Author royalty systems analysis
Author royalty advances
Author royalties and business profit modeling

Accounts Receivable
Customer base and concentration management
Collections process improvement techniques
Bad debt and reserve analysis
Unearned royalty advances

Financial Management

Financial Statement Modeling
Profit and loss modeling
Balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow
“What If?” scenarios
“Common Size” statement analysis
Historical trend analysis

Cash Flow Management
Process design for cash flow
Cash flow forecasting
Internal cash flow controls
Cash flow mentoring
Practical implementations

Asset Protection Review
Considerations for the entrepreneurial publisher
Insurance coverages to have in place
Internal control review