The Fisher Company specializes in providing Strategic Consulting and Mergers & Acquisitions services for the book publishing, magazine, and media industry.

Our services are based on actual experience with practical applications for our clients. We have the ability to develop and implement business strategies for real business environments like yours.

The Fisher Company is a client-focused company that will improve your company’s financial and operations effectiveness and efficiencies. We seek to add profits to your business today and for the future

We work with corporate, independent, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit publishers to meet your business objectives. Our publishing consultants provide a competitive advantage and help you build lasting value.

Strategic Consulting

Growing publishers have ever-changing needs. We work collaboratively with managers to investigate current practices. We make recommendations that are appropriate to your business scale. And, we can work with you to implement right-sized solutions that raise your business practices to a higher level. Moreover we can identify growth strategies for your current and future business.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Considering the sale of a business or making an acquisition can be overwhelming. As an owner you want to work with experts who are experienced in the process and who can represent your interests in the best manner. Taking the opportunity to create an exit or acquisition plan, well in advance, can help identify the factors that will add the most value to your business.


Client Work

Our focus is on helping you grow your business, its intellectual property title base, sales and distribution, operations, and financial management. We have consulted with more than one hundred different publishers to help find solutions, and to help buy and sell business assets.