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International Mergers & Acquisitions

The Fisher Company provides international mergers and acquisitions services for print and digital publishing, media, and technology sectors.

As a client-focused company, we work closely with you on valuations, exit strategies, divestitures, or acquisitions, always with absolute discretion.

Our experience is from both sides of the table, as we have owned, managed, bought, and sold multiple successful businesses. Our contacts include thousands of qualified potential buyers and investors.

M&A Services

We have experience working with management teams in large corporations and with entrepreneurs who have grown their companies over a lifetime. We find appropriate matches for your business from around the world, then guide and protect you throughout every step of the sales transaction.

Exit Strategies and Transition Planning

Planning your successful exit strategy well in advance will allow you to focus on maximizing the key drivers of value. We will help you develop a timeline to suit your needs and give you guidelines to develop every aspect of your business to increase ongoing value to an acquirer.

The Offering

We meticulously structure your offering with financials and a narrative to help qualified buyers understand your unique business, the justifications for the purchase price, and its potential and future value. We discreetly approach pre-approved buyers and investors with a summary information sheet; then, with NDAs in place, we invite interested prospects into a virtual data room created specifically for your company.

Asset and Limited Asset Purchases

Most publishing and media transactions are accomplished through an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA), rather than a stock sale. This form of transaction generally offers significant tax advantages to the buyer, and in most cases the valuation is higher for the seller. Specific, limited asset sales, such as an imprint, may also be transacted with an APA.

Stock Sale

Many of our transactions are transnational; depending on each country’s tax laws, there are many considerations to evaluate for the buyer and seller. We work with your financial advisors to best shape the transaction.


There are times when a business may determine that it is appropriate to sell non-core assets. We have experience in divesting titles and imprints as well as subsidiary businesses.